Designed to aid a wide array of health issues, this program will detox your body, and return it to peak condition. We will continue to adjust the program to work with your physical and emotional needs, leading you to a more energetic version of yourself, with a fresh zest for life.


From 7 to 14 Nights


Goal: Achieve a complete shift in physical, mental, and emotional health.

What we include in the package:

R1,500 per person, per day ~ single
R1,200 per person, per day sharing ~ two people sharing a twin room

Max eight people per retreat. Only offered three times per year.

*Except Sundays, which are rest days for fasting, and physical and mental rest.
*Some days you will have one, two or three treatments, some days you will rest. Treatments are determined by your body’s response to the program and the speed with which you shift and detox. Each person’s experience is uniquely adjusted and tailormade.