Your Hosts

During your stay, you will be hosted by Marius & Petra. They are on hand to give personal service and superior advice on trips and attractions in the area should you wish to explore the area during your stay.

Dip Reflexology; Dip Anatomy and Physiology; Dip Meridian Therapy; Dip Acupuncture; Dip
Nursing (EN); Dip Iridology; Dip PLT; Dip Counselling and hypnotherapy;
Certificate NADA 5 point Acupuncture de-stress and detox; Certificate Deep tissue, Trigger point and Sports Massage; Certificate Hot Stone Massage; Certificate Indian Head Massage;
Certificate Spinal Alignment; Steiner Training Certificate (for Deep Tissue massage, Aroma
Stone, Aroma Spa, Body Sculpting Cellulite and Colon Therapy, Thai Poultice, Bamboo, Expert

Petra has been studying and working with the body since 1996. She is a specialist in working out physical suffering. She believes and understands that the body is designed to heal itself. Her approach is to reactivate the body’s own healing systems from the inside, using a series of techniques and treatments that work to boost, re-activate and stimulate the body systems. Each treatment activates a different response from the body in different people, so Petra has through all the years of experience learnt how to read these responses and know how to follow on with a response treatment, for optimal results. No treatment program is the same, so the body does not know what to expect, thus is constantly shifting, cleaning and healing in a different way.

All the treatments she practices activate deep inner change on a cellular level. The aim is to re-establish equilibrium in the Body and Mind. Using relaxation and body healing work to remove stresses and toxins from the body systems, cells are reminded of their true nature and function, this brings a deep change that works outward from the physical inside.

Because we are not only our bodies, this process has a rippling effect on our emotional, mental and physical states. This allows release of deeply buried traumas that we covered up with layers of denial, food, stress, knots, brain fog, depression, and buried fears. Petra knows just which questions to ask responding to the body’s response, to release these stuck emotions. When these are flushed regularly through a series of treatments, cell memory is changed and we emerge with a clearer mind, more flexible body and an opportunity to revisit our life choices. Regular body work not only removes layers of stress and emotional baggage, but also improves and changes lifestyles, relationships, careers, and quality of life. It is an opportunity to get off the disease path and embark on a journey of healing and self-discovery on our life path.

Years of environmental and stress related toxins are shifted and flushed in the process. During her treatments, the body is fed onlyfreshly prepared food, together with nutritional advice and organic juices. It is given ample opportunity in the gardens to relax, rest and rejuvenate.Please note she does not diagnose, medicate or claim to heal, your medications are your own responsibility but she will if you so desire, look at drug side effects and contra indications, also drug interactions that can cause disharmony in our bodies.

"I invite you to embark on your journey in self-discovery, healing and transformation. At your service in health, wellbeing and quality of life."

- Petra Wilken
body healing